fiorie.. A Personalized Seasoning of Trousseau Packing, Floral Decor, Calligraphy, Return Favors, and many more!

Be it the save-the-date, or the wedding, the Bride’s Trousseau is central. Wait.. We haven’t forgotten her Brigade! For the Bride and the Groom, Fiorie ensures Personalized trousseau packing, floral decor, premium gift wrapping and return favors for the guests, and even calligraphy for ornamental decorative writing on wedding envelopes, and many more occasions that follow.


Fiorie infuses bespoke decor into your events. We bring to you luxorious and personalized trousseau packing, floral decor, gift wrapping, calligraphy on wedding cards and other ornamental writing devoirs.

Fiorie is a young, vibrant, and enthusiastic decor-breathing team of floral design and souvenir/ return favor stylists and professionals, aimed at making your occasion the best!


We at Fiorie bring out ideas and conceptualize them into your dream occasion. We bestow you with customized decor planning, be it trousseau packing, gift wrapping, floral decor, return favors, and decorative writing.


Fiorie has a unique checklist for our clientele and we get to know your ideas and needs through the same. This includes the selected theme, bridal accessories, and many more. At Fiorie, we cater to all your pressing decor concerns such as firstly, the central ‘Trousseau Packing’, secondly, ‘The Themed-Decor Tables And Bouquets’, then the ‘Ornamental Writing On Wedding Cards’, ‘Return Favors’, and the event’s decor-list just goes on!

At Fiorie, we infer your decor needs for the event and espouse your design and decor, getting you to focus on what you need to, to sit back and enjoy!